Our response to COVID-19

We know that nursery life is going to look a little different for a while, as we begin to welcome children and families back to the nursery. Whether you are an existing family returning or someone looking for a nursery place we would like to keep you informed and reassured about the steps we are taking to ensure the safety of all practitioners, children and families.

Children’s welfare

  • We will be using a contact free infrared thermometer to test the temperatures of the children, the carer dropping them off at nursery and all staff on arrival. If the temperature 37.8 degrees or higher, we advise you to return home as per public health guidance.
  • Our outside pathway to the nursery now features footprints at a two-metre distance to support social distancing whilst waiting to be let into the nursery.
  • There will be a portable handwashing facility outside the front door, parents and carers are asked to wash and dry the children’s hands prior to entering.
  • A member of the team will welcome children in at the door, parents and carers will not be permitted to enter the building.

Staff protection

  • All staff will be supplied with suitable PPE at appropriate times.
  • Staff uniform will be fresh each day and will remain at nursery where it will be washed at 60 degrees. Staff will therefore be asked to travel in different clothes and change on arrival.
  • Staff will be washing their hands routinely and at appropriate times and hand cream will also be provided.
  • Staff break periods will be staggered to allow social distancing in our staff room and they will be asked that where at all possible they stay on site during breaks.
  • Staff will be asked to have indoor and outdoor shoes to prevent the spread on germs.

Nursery life

  • We will reduce the number of toys and resources available to the children to allow these to be rotated, upon rotation they will be sterilised at our sterilising station in the foyer.
  • Children will be divided into small groups or ‘bubbles’ of no more than 6 and will remain with two practitioners for the duration of the day. Lunch for the children will be staggered to allow space at mealtimes, and for the moment meals will be served onto individual plates in the kitchen rather than the children self-serving as they usually would.
  • The children, along with the staff, will wash their hands regularly at appropriate times.
  • We will not have communal sand, water or messy/malleable play as this can harbour germs. There may be occasions where children have individual play stations for these types of play, but this will be disposed of and thoroughly cleaned after each child.
  • Dressing up clothes will be limited and washed regularly in line with rotation of toys.
  • We will separate the classrooms into zoned areas where children will spend time with their ‘bubble’ and then rotate, with each area being cleaned in between.
  • We will follow the COVID-19 response to illness if any symptoms arise whilst on site. There will be a separate room for any staff or children who show any symptoms where they can wait until they are collected or are able to go home. This will be thoroughly cleaned after use.
  • We request that parents provide clean and washed indoor shoes and separate outdoor shoes.

End of the day handover

    • Parents will be asked to estimate a collection time either on drop off or via our Famly app system to allow us to get the children ready and out into the foyer to be collected.
    • Children will wash their hands prior to exiting the building.

For further information about our risk assessment or policies please follow this link or ask any member of staff.

Our facebooktwitter accounts and this website will be updated regularly in line with the latest guidance and any further steps we take. On these platforms we will also be able to show you some of our new measures in action as well as lots of activities and ideas for home learning.

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